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Introductory Videos

To get you introduced to Max I've created a few video's that give you a quick introduction in just a few minutes. Be aware that the video's show only a very limited set of features of the Max Mapping Generator. For a more complete sample, see the Getting Started section of the documentation.

Creating the Business Layer

This first video does not demo the usage of Max but shows the creation of a simple Entity Model assembly that is used in the next video.

Video - Creating the Business Layer (2010) (00:03:07)

Creating the Business Layer

Creating the WCF Service

This second video show how to create a Contract assembly and a WCF Application project to expose the business component created in the first video. This viodeo show thow to use the Max Generated Contracts Library project, define a simple contract type with it's mapping to the business domain type, and how to generate mapping code using the Max Mapper Generator Templates Set.

Video - Creating the WCF Service (2010) (00:12:36)

Creating the Business Layer

More videos including videos showing advanced features coming soon.

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